Only with KINGSGATE INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE, you will have a TRIPLE AWARD, one diploma with 3 universities, this diploma is considered to be one of the highest programs for the online study programs.

Triple Award vs Triple Accreditation

Triple Award Triple Accreditation
KINGSGATE INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE offers a TRIPLE AWARD, which means you get one diploma from 3 European Universities, all are leading and top ranked European Universities, one university is Private, the other is State Recognized, and the 3rd is a Public University. The student will benefit from all 3 universities with all their accreditations and ranking. Triple accreditation is usually used marketing term by business schools having 3 private unrecognized accreditation bodies. You get 1 diploma from 1 school which has 3 private unrecognized accreditation bodies.

In view of that, KINGSGATE INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE decided not to apply for the so-called triple accreditation bodies because the Triple Award which is a Joint Diploma between 3 universities from Western Europe, Central Europe, and Eastern Europe, has a higher value.

In addition to Triple Award offered, KINGSGATE INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE
is also accredited by:
ASIC (Institutional Accreditation)
EFMD – EOCCS (Certified Online System)