Offer Terms & Conditions

~ applied to all courses ~
  • ‘Student’ ‘You’ or ‘Your’: refers to You, the student.
  • ‘KIC’: refers to KINGSGATE INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE registered in England No. 12655362 whose registered office is at: 26 – 28 Hammersmith Grove,
    London W6 7BA, The United Kingdom.
  • ‘All Courses’: refers to all courses delivered by KIC.
  • ‘Online Courses’: refers to only those courses that are delivered online.

1.1 All Courses

  • Course schedules vary depending on the product. KIC reserves the right to:
    • change the timetable structure.
    • use classrooms in alternative premises.
    • Special focus classes including exam classes, free language workshops and language activities may vary between schools and are subject to change due to availability.
  • One-to-One lessons are subject to availability and will be scheduled accordingly. One-to-one lessons must be taken within the same number of weeks as lessons purchased. i.e. a course of 10 one-to-one lessons must be claimed within 10 weeks of course start date.
  • Lessons may be offered outside of regular class times and may occur outside of the school premises. Some classes are held at 12 Hammersmith Grove. London W6 7AP,some classes are held at 49 Watford Way.Hendon.London.UK NW4 3JH.

1.2 Online Courses

  • Classes are delivered using Zoom videoconferencing software. KIC reserves the right to change online tools at any time.
  • KIC’s code of conduct applies in the virtual classroom in the same way it does in the physical one. Students will receive a guide to online classroom etiquette.
  • You must maintain a valid visa status and Your course will be terminated without a valid visa.
  • KIC cannot be held responsible for decisions taken by UK immigration officials regarding Your entry visas or visa extensions.
  • Visa advice can only be given by the appropriate Embassy, Consulate or High Commission. You should contact Your local Embassy, Consulate or High Commission to ensure You are allowed to enter and study in Your chosen location.
  • It is Your responsibility to ensure that the most updated visa regulations/processes are being for applied to the booking conditions for KIC courses.
  • KIC cannot be held responsible for any visa regulation changes which occur after the booking has been confirmed in compliance with the then existing regulations.
  • A visa document courier fee or postal fee is charged each time documents have to be sent by courier or post.
  • If a visa application is rejected and KIC receives written evidence at least 7 days prior to arrival, KIC will refund the fees received in full, after having deducted any bank charges and any non-refundable fees (registration fee, accommodation fee, courier fees and bank charges). Accommodation cancellation fees will apply.
  • Should KIC receive positive visa application results fewer than 14 working days prior to arrival, KIC reserves the right to offer alternative accommodation, which may incur additional charges to be borne by the Student.
  • If the arrival day is postponed due to a delayed visa application, KIC reserves the right to offer alternative accommodation, which may incur additional charges to be borne by the Student.
  • In the event that KIC have incurred any charges in reserving the accommodation for the student, KIC reserves the rights to pass these fees on to the Student.

At level 4/5 you will require a full secondary education to be eligible to enrol onto the course and universities will require a minimum age before embarking on the university top-up programme.

At Level 7 you will require 5 years managerial experience if you do not have a BA degree. This, however, varies for various University partners.

  • A reliable internet connection, up to date laptop/PC/Chromebook/tablet & keyboard with working webcam and microphone are required to benefit from KIC Online Courses. 
  • Accessing courses by using a mobile phone is NOT Recommended.
  • Lessons missed or interrupted due to Your faulty equipment or internet connection will not be refunded.
  • Any lesson missed or interrupted due to technical difficulties of the teacher/KIC will be made-up at the earliest convenience.

For students who do not live or come from an English language speaking country then we recommend taking an IELTS course to improve your language to level 5.5 or higher. This can be done alongside our courses.

Your minimum level of English may vary depending upon which university you decide to complete your top up qualification from.

You will need to have an IELTS score of level 5.5 or above on completion of your course with KINGSGATE INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE. You can study an English course alongside your course studying with us.

Should Your credentials do not meet the minimum level of English required to enrol into a specific course, as determined by the KIC Placement Test, KIC reserves the right to re-schedule You to an appropriate course according to Your English proficiency level.

It is recommended that You willingly choose to disclose any mental or physical illness, allergy, disability or condition that may impact:

  • Your ability to successfully complete Your programme,
  • the well-being of any other student or staff member,
  • that may require monitoring, treatment or emergency intervention during Your period of enrolment,
  • or that may require special accommodation.


KIC will not discriminate on the basis of any above-mentioned conditions and will provide reasonable accommodation to meet all Your needs.

KIC reserves the right to terminate Your enrolment if Your participation represents a risk to Yours, other students’ or KIC staff members’ health and safety, or if, notwithstanding reasonable accommodations, in the opinion of KIC, Your physical or mental condition makes You unable to successfully complete Your programme.

Refunds will be provided based on standard refund schedules as per terms and conditions.

No contract is made between KIC and You, indeed no booking is valid until KIC has issued a confirmation e-mail. By submitting payment for the programme fees, You are agreeing to the herein stated terms and conditions.

2.1 All Courses 

A 20% deposit must be paid immediately upon booking or acceptance onto the course.

• A booking confirmation will only be issued when a deposit has been received.
• Bank details are provided on the invoice.
• Payments must be received in full 28 days prior to the course start date.
• Bookings made within 28 days of arrival must be paid in full at the time of booking.
• If your booking has been made less than 28 days in advance, we cannot guarantee that the first choice of accommodation will be available. If your first choice is not available, we will discuss feasible options with you.
• Payment must include all bank transfer charges (including intermediary bank charges).
• Payment plans are available for UK-based customers using a PayPal account – PayPal Pay In 3 (check your PayPal account for further information).
For further details, please speak with your KIC representative.

2.2 International Foundation Year Courses
A non-refundable deposit amount will be outlined in your documents and must be paid in order to formally accept
your offer.
• Your booking confirmation will only be issued when a deposit has been received.
• Bank details are provided on the invoice.
• Payments must be received in full 28 days prior to the course start date.
• Bookings made within 28 days of arrival must be paid in full at the time of booking.
• Payment must include all bank transfer charges (including intermediary bank charges).
• Payment plans are available for courses and accommodation longer than 12 weeks.
For further details, please speak with your KIC representative.

2.3 Online Courses (excluding Teacher Training Courses)
• Online courses must be paid in full at least two business days before course start.
• A booking confirmation will only be sent when full payment has been received.
• Bank details are provided on the invoice.

Students can make payment using one of the following methods:

  • Credit or Debit Card
  • Bank Transfer
  • Interest Free Monthly Installments
  • Paypal
  • Western Union

KIC reserves the right to charge a registration fee of £500.00 for each course enrolment.

Online Course, accommodation or centre is changed or postponed after KIC has confirmed the initial enrolment. This also includes requests for changes whilst the student is at school.

A downgrade in course type after booking is considered a cancellation and the same refund policies will apply.

Insurance Fee of £10 per week is charged to You – the Student. 

• Prices are valid for courses commencing 1 January 2022.
• Prices are subject to change without notice and will be confirmed upon booking.

Full attendance is required. Absence from lessons is not compensated.

You must pay the full cost of any damage You cause to School or Accommodation property.

  • KIC and its employees and representatives will not be liable for loss, damage or injury to persons or property howsoever caused, except where liability is expressly imposed by law.
  • KIC will not be liable in the event that any service contracted to be supplied by KIC becomes impossible to supply for any reason or any cause outside the control of KIC.

KIC will not be responsible for any failure to comply with any of its obligations (and therefore shall not be required to provide any compensation) if the failure is the result of any cause beyond KIC’s reasonable control. KIC shall not be responsible for any costs incurred by or on behalf of You as a result of any such occasion. Such instances include but are not limited to; war, threat of war, riot, civil strife, industrial dispute, terrorist activity, epidemic or pandemic natural or nuclear disaster, unusually adverse weather conditions and infectious diseases.

Should You have any complaints, You shall notify immediately a member of the staff of KIC.

Should your complaint not be able to be resolved immediately, you may be asked to put it in writing and give the complaint to the General Manager, Director of Studies, Operations Manager or Office Manager.

In the unlikely event this is not resolved to Your satisfaction, You can either email the KIC Director at: or write in English to the Company’s head office:

THE DIRECTOR, KINGSGATE INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE, 26 – 28 Hammersmith Grove, London W6 7BA, The United Kingdom.

KIC will investigate Your complaint and will provide an appropriate response. In order to be given a reasonable chance of addressing Your complaint, please speak to us as soon as the problem arises as we cannot deal with issues retrospectively. 

KIC’s Terms and Conditions are applicable to You and the Agent representing You.


Terms and Conditions of Contract between Student and

Kingsgate International College




1.                           This document sets out key aspects of the relationship between you and Kingsgate International College (the College).

2.                           When you are offered a place to study at the College, it is in accordance with these Terms and Conditions and acceptance of an offer means that you accept these Terms and Conditions in full. A legally binding contract between you and the College is formed when you accept the offer of a place.


3.                           It is, therefore, important that you read and understand this document in full before accepting your offer of a place. If there is anything said or written by or on behalf of the College that you wish to consider when deciding whether to accept your offer, please seek written confirmation from the Admissions Team beforehand. Please also contact the Admissions Team if you have any questions regarding these Terms and Conditions or any of the other documents listed below.


4.                           These Terms and Conditions together with the:


·         Offer Letter

·        Tuition Fee Refund and Compensation Policy

·         Enrolment form



form the basis of a contract between you and the College for the provision of educational services.

5.                           Students applying to study with the College on a programme leading to an award from one of our university partners should be aware that they are considered students of that institution; therefore, the terms and conditions which provide the basis of your contract are those of the partner institution.2




6.                           Kingsgate International College, the College, or We or Us means:


Kingsgate International College is a trade name of Kingsgate International College Limited is a company registered in England and Wales (10023255), as now or in the future constituted (and any successor).

Registered office: 26-28 Hammersmith Grove, London England W6 7BA Contact: Telephone on 0207 060 6899


1. These Terms and Conditions apply to prospective and enrolled students on the Kingsgate International College programmes, considered as Direct Academic Students. For other higher education courses of study where the student is registered directly with our university

partners (Indirect Academic Student), please refer to the universities’ terms and conditions.

2 Please see Terms and Conditions Provided by the University partner.



UKPRN: 10083752.


7.                           You or your or the Student means the person who has been offered a place at the College and has completed the enrolment process.

8.                           Admission occurs when you have been offered a place and are entitled to enrol as a student at the College.


9.                           Enrolment occurs when you have completed the College’s enrolment form or the

partner’s enrolment process.


10.                        Re-enrolment occurs annually and requires enrolled students to confirm the continuation of their studies at the College before a published deadline.

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion


11.                        The College is committed to working together to build a learning community founded on equality of opportunity – a learning community which celebrates the rich diversity of our student and staff populations and one in which discriminatory behaviour is challenged and not tolerated.

12.                        The College is committed to supporting, developing and promoting equality and diversity in all of its practices and activities and aims to establish an inclusive culture free from discrimination and based upon the values of dignity, courtesy and respect. The College is committed to creating and sustaining a positive, supportive, and excellent teaching and learning environment for its students. We are committed to providing a fair, equitable, and mutually supportive learning and working environment for both our students and our staff.

13.                        The College is committed to eliminating discrimination and advancing equality on the grounds of age, differing abilities, gender, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion and belief (including lack of belief), sex, and sexual orientation, in line with the protected characteristics of the Equality Act 2010.


14.                        The College values diversity and recognises that our community is greatly enhanced through the wide and disparate range of backgrounds, experiences, views, beliefs, and cultures represented within its staff and student groups. We aim to embrace diversity in all its forms and proudly acknowledge that variety and difference are intrinsic to the wellbeing and future development of our College.


15.                        The College is committed to ensuring that an environment is created that respects the diversity of staff and students and enables them to achieve their full potential.


Admission & Enrolment


16.                        Offer of a place: Your enrolment form sets out the steps you must take to accept your offer of a place.


17.                        Acceptance: Acceptance of the offer and fulfilment of any conditions will entitle you to enrol with the College for the academic year.


18.                        Permission to enrol: You may not be permitted to enrol with the College if you:


·         provide incorrect or misleading information;


·         fail to meet any of the conditions specified in your conditional offer letter;

·         have a criminal conviction contrary to the College Admissions Policy;

·         fail to pay the required tuition fees (or provide information in relation to payment) as specified in the Tuition Fee Refund and Compensation Policy

·         cannot prove you have the right to study in the United Kingdom.


19.                        Permission to re-enrol: You may not be permitted to re-enrol with the College if you:

·         are suspended from the College;

·         have been withdrawn from the College through a failure to meet academic requirements or for contravention of the College Regulations or Policies;

·         have committed or been convicted of a criminal offence which, had it been committed at the time of your application, would have prevented you from enrolling;

·         have tuition fee debt, without an agreed repayment plan, or have contravened any other aspect of the Tuition Fee Refund and Compensation Policy.



20.                        Cancellation: Cancellation means the cancellation of a place at the College which has been accepted by you and which occurs before you enrol at the College, or where you do not commence your studies at the College.


21.                        Cooling off period: You have the right to cancel your contract with the College and obtain a refund at any time within 14 calendar days (i.e., two calendar weeks) from the start date of the course, or 14 calendar days (i.e., two calendar weeks) after signing the legal contractual agreement (if signed after the start date of the course).3

22.                        Notice of cancellation: Your decision to cancel the contract must be notified to the College in writing by completing and returning a Cancellation of Place Form to


23.                        Refund on cancellation: Any payment made by you to the College under this contract prior to the date of cancellation within the cooling-off period will be refunded to you within 20 days.


24.                        Deferral: You may request to defer your place on a programme of study for which

you have been offered a place by a maximum of one academic year. If your request is granted, you may be eligible for a refund under the terms of our Tuition Fee Refund and Compensation Policy.


25.                        Withdrawal: You may terminate your contract and withdraw from the College at any time after the expiry of the cooling-off period but must do so in accordance with our termination procedure.


Our Obligations

26.                        Provision of education: The College will do all that is reasonable to provide an educational environment, tuition and assessment of a range, standard and quality which is suitable for each student and to provide education to at least the standard required by law in the particular circumstances. The College will exercise reasonable care and skill in providing educational services


3 The cooling off period for student’s enrolled on a programme awarded by award partner is only calculated from the start date of the course.


but cannot guarantee that the student will achieve his / her desired examination results or that results will be sufficient to gain entry to other educational establishments.

27.                        Continuation of Study: The College has a Student Protection Plan (SPP) which records recognised risks to students’ continuation of study and the steps taken to mitigate those risks. A copy of the SPP can be found here.


28.                        Course variation: Whilst the College recognises the importance of delivering the course it advertises in its prospectus, we reserve the right to make minor variations (such as updating the curriculum, changing staff, adjusting your timetable, or notifying a change of site) to enhance the student experience, act on student feedback and respond to changing laws, regulations and best practice. The College will not make material variations to your course without consulting you and allowing you to withdraw from the course without financial penalty if you do not wish to accept the change.


29.                        ATHE,HND,NCFE,CATCH Pathways: Students on the pathways decide on their chosen pathway prior to the start of the second year; however, pathways which do not recruit the minimum number of students may not run. In the event of this happening students will be informed in a timely manner and advised about alternative options.


30.                        Course closure: If the College is unable to continue to deliver your course, we will use reasonable endeavours to find you an alternative course at Kingsgate or a place at another provider and allow you to withdraw without financial penalty, and with appropriate compensation if applicable, in accordance with the College Tuition Fee Refund and Compensation policy.

31.                        Consumer protection: The College complies with the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) consumer protection legislation and has designed its contractual arrangements with its students to be fair, transparent and reasonable.


32.                        Policies and procedures: The College will comply with its own policies and procedures. If the College makes changes to its policies or procedures it will use reasonable endeavours to bring them to your attention before they take effect.


Your Obligations

33.                        You agree to treat all members of the College community with dignity and respect and in accordance with the expectations set out in the College’s student policies and procedures which can be found here. You understand that the College may take disciplinary action against you if these obligations are breached. Please ensure you read the College Student Charter.


34.                        You agree to attend and participate in all your scheduled teaching and learning activities that are scheduled for your programme of study, as set out in our Student Engagement Policy. You are expected to undertake independent study to meet the learning and experience outcomes of your course.

35.                        You agree to notify the College during the application process and subsequently if at any time you become aware or suspect that you have a learning difficulty or medical condition which may impact your ability to undertake your studies and will provide the College with a copy of all requested reports and relevant information. The College may decline to offer you a place or you may be withdrawn from the College if, in the judgment of staff and after consultation with you, were unable to provide adequately for your needs. Please consult the Fitness to Study procedure available on our website to review other instances where the College may feel that studying right now may not be the best option for you.



36.                        You agree to monitor your College email account regularly, which you will notified of after enrolment. It is vital that we have an open line of communication with you, and Kingsgate College will always use your College email address for all communications.

37.                        You agree to keep the College up to date with your contact information, and to notify us immediately if your contact details change.



38.                        Registration Fee: You are required to pay a registration fee to register on the Pearson BTEC HND programme,ATHE programme,NCFE programme or Catch Programme. Please consult the current fee from award body for details.

39.                        Deposit: All deposits you pay are non-refundable, this means that if you change your mind after enrolling on the course, the deposit paid (either by you or on your behalf) cannot be refunded. Please refer to the Tuition Fee Refund and Compensation policy for full details.


40.                        Tuition Fees mean fees in respect of, or otherwise in connection with, undertaking the course, including admission, tuition and graduation. Tuition fees are usually charged annually.

41.                        Additional Costs mean charges for goods and services that do not form part of tuition fees. This might include expenses relating to trips, materials, vetting and barring checks and specialist clothing.


42.                        Total Costs: the total cost of your course, including mandatory additional costs, are set out in the College Fees List – please refer to


43.                        Payment: Acceptance of these Terms and Conditions indicates agreement to be bound by the College Tuition Fee Refund and Compensation Policy and to pay all fees owed to the College when they become due in accordance with the payment terms agreed.


44.                        Payment timing: Self-funded Home Fee Status students must pay full fees for the academic year at the start of their programme of study. Overseas students, whether self-funded or sponsored, must pay full fees for the academic year before they will be issued with Confirmation of Acceptance of Studies. Students funded by Student Finance England (SFE) will have their fees paid in instalments directly to the College.

45.                        Fee Increases: The College may increase its tuition fees on an annual basis and will do so in accordance with its Tuition Fee Refund and Compensation Policy.


46.                        Non-payment: If you do not pay your tuition fees on time as agreed, the College may:

·         restrict access to its premises and facilities

·         suspend or terminate your registration

·         report you to credit agencies and, if applicable, to SFE.


47.                        If this contract is terminated because of non-payment any refund will be paid in accordance with the Tuition Fee Refund and Compensation Policy.


48.                        If non-payment occurs at the end of study, students are referred to their Student Finance Officer to see if a way forward can be negotiated. If this initial attempt at resolution fails


then the case should be brought to the attention of the Director of Students. At all times the student’s needs will be foregrounded, and if reference to the Student Wellbeing Office is required then this will also be initiated.


49.                        The College will in every case seek restitution of fees required, in line with the requirements of the formal contract signed by each student at the point of enrolment.

·         A payment plan will be negotiated with the student over an extended timescale to ensure that fees are paid; until such time as full fee payment is made no issue of course completion or certification will be released.

·         The payment plan can be initiated by arrangement with Kingsgate College, or under the auspices of legal representatives, on a case-by-case basis. Employing the assistance of a legal team will include the cost of any fees levied by that legal team and will be added to the debt incurred.

·         Persistent non-payment of fees will result in no award being issued, and recourse being taken to legal recovery of debts outstanding.

·         Fee payment is an unavoidable requirement; please keep lines of communication open with the College so that we are best placed to help should you encounter any difficulties.

50.                        Appropriation: Save agreed otherwise, the College shall allocate payments made to the earliest balance on the Fees account.


Tuition Fee Refunds & Compensation


51.                        Refund eligibility: Any request for a tuition fee refund must be made in writing. Please refer to the Tuition Fee Refund and Compensation Policy for more details.


52.                        Compensation eligibility: A student may be eligible for compensation if the College is not able to preserve his or her continuity of study. Any request for compensation must be made in writing. Please refer to the Tuition Fee Refund and Compensation policy for more details.



53.                        Concerns & Complaints: The College welcomes feedback from prospective students and members of its community and will engage with students on an informal and formal basis in accordance with its policies and procedures.

54.                        You are entitled to make a complaint about any aspect of the College’s, recruitment, selection and admissions process using the College’s Student Complaints Procedure. Normally, the College will not accept a complaint about an action or lack of action by the College which took place more than a month before the complainant raises the issue with a member of staff or lodges a formal complaint.


55.                        Students who have applied to any programme of study offered by our university partners, and wish to make a complaint about any aspect of the recruitment, selection and admissions process and any aspect of their learning experience should use the University’s complaints process.

56.                        External Review: Students whose complaint(s) are not resolved under the Student Complaints Procedure may, once they have been issued with a Completion of Procedures Letter, refer the matter to the Office for the Independent Adjudicator (OIA).




57.                        Suspension: the College may suspend a student from their course in accordance with its Student Disciplinary Regulations.

58.                        Non-exhaustive examples of the circumstances in which the College may decide to suspend a student include where it is deemed:


·         necessary to enable an investigation to be conducted into alleged misconduct;

·         appropriate as a disciplinary sanction in its own right.

59.                        Appeal: A student may appeal a decision to suspend them in accordance with the Student Disciplinary Regulations.




60.                        Automatic termination: The College will deem this contract to terminate with immediate effect if you fail to re-enrol on your course by the deadline.


61.                        Termination by you: You may terminate this contract and withdraw from the College at any time. If you do this after the expiry of the cooling off period, you must provide the College with written notice of withdrawal by completing and returning a Withdrawal Form or by email to

62.                        Termination will take effect when the College acknowledges receipt of your Withdrawal Form or email in writing.

63.                        Termination by the College: The College may terminate this contract and on written notice deem you have withdrawn from your course if:

·         You have an outstanding tuition fee debt or have contravened the terms of the Tuition Fee Refund and Compensation Policy;

·         You fail to meet the applicable College attendance requirements as set out in the Student Engagement procedure;

·         You fail to meet the applicable College progression or award requirements;

·         You fail to meet the College Fitness to Study requirements set out in the Fitness to Study Procedure;

·         You fail to meet the College Fitness to Practice requirements set out in the Fitness to Practise Policy & Procedure;

·         You breach the Student Disciplinary Procedure or your behaviour represents an immediate and serious risk to your health, welfare and safety or that of others;

·         You commit or are convicted of a criminal offence which, had it been committed at the time of your application, would have prevented you from enrolling;

·         You have withheld key information or provided incorrect or misleading information to the College.


64.                        Appeal against termination: You may appeal against the College’s decision to terminate this contract under clause 63 above in accordance with the arrangements set out in the relevant policy.


Data Protection


65.                        Kingsgate International College has put in place systems and procedures to ensure that it is


compliant with the Data Protection Act (2018) and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

66.                        Privacy Notice: the College has a Privacy Notice which explains how we will use your personal data. Key information from this Privacy Notice is provided on the Application Form. The Privacy Notice is also published on the College website. You must read the Privacy Notices in full before accepting your place.


67.                        Information Sharing: The College will share aspects of your personal data with the Office for Students (OfS) and Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA) for the purpose of compiling statistics about applicants and students for use by government bodies. The HESA Student Data Protection Notice can be found here: The OfS Data Protection and Privacy notice can be found here: https://

68.                        Student Finance England: If you are in receipt of tuition fee loans and/or other funding from Student Finance England (SFE), the College reserves the right to disclose your details, including academic progress, achievement and attendance rates and other requested information to SFE.


69.                        Right of access: You have the right to access the personal data about you that the College holds in its structured files.


Intellectual Property


70.                        You agree that the ownership of any intellectual property arising during my studies at the University will in the first instance belong to the University to enable the protection of the ownership rights of all parties involved and that I may ask for a transfer of the intellectual property back to me.


Events beyond the control of the student


71.                        An event beyond the reasonable control of the student may include fire, flood, storm, war, riot, civil unrest, act of terrorism, strikes, industrial disputes, outbreak of epidemic or pandemic of disease, failure of utility service or transportation.

72.                        If you are prevented from or delayed in carrying out your contractual obligations by an event beyond your reasonable control, you shall inform the College in writing as soon as you can and shall be excused from performing those obligations while the event continues.


73.                        If the event continues for a period greater than 90 days, you may terminate this contract in writing to the College without penalty. In these circumstances you will no longer be required to make further payments and will be entitled to receive a refund of advance payments for services not yet provided by the College.


Withdrawal of services


74.                        The College reserves the right to make variations to or withdraw services if such actions are reasonably considered to be necessary by the College, for example, where:

·         events beyond the College’s reasonable control prevent a service from being delivered either temporarily or permanently;

·         information technology systems require essential maintenance work, upgrades or repairs;

·         health and safety or other legal reasons apply; or

·         improvements and changes are being made to the College’s estate and facilities.



75.                        The College will take reasonable steps to mitigate the impact of such withdrawals on students wherever reasonably possible, for example by consulting you on any proposed changes, substituting alternative similar services, and giving warning of forthcoming changes or likely periods of non-availability.

76.                        Further information about the protections you have in the event of the College having to make a material change to your programme is provided in the College’s Student Protection Plan.


Other Important Terms


77.                        Consumer rights: This is a consumer contract. Care has been taken to use plain language and to give clear explanations in these Terms and Conditions. If any words alone or in combination infringe consumer rights laws or any other provision of law, they shall be treated as severable and shall be replaced with words which give as near the original meaning as may be fair. Nothing in these Terms and conditions affects the student’s statutory rights. If you wish to obtain independent advice you may contact the National Union of Students or the Citizens Advice Bureau.


78.                        No Variation: Save as set out in these Terms and Conditions, no variation of these Terms and Conditions shall be effective unless it is in writing and signed by you and the College.


79.                        Updates: The College reviews its policies, procedures and related documents to ensure that they are current, accurate and accessible and publishes the latest versions on its website and Virtual Learning Environment. This is usually done on an annual basis unless external requirements necessitate immediate changes.

80.                        Enforcement: No failure or delay by you or the College to enact any provision of these Terms and Conditions shall constitute a waiver of any provision and will not prevent you or the College from enforcing that provision at a later date.


81.                        Interpretation: These Terms and Conditions supersede any previously in force and will be construed as a whole. In the event of inconsistencies between these Terms and Conditions and any other contractual information provided to you, these Terms and Conditions shall prevail. Headings, unless required to make sense of the immediate context, are for ease of reading only and are not otherwise part of these Terms and Conditions.

82.                        Liability: Nothing in these Terms and Conditions shall limit the liability of the College for fraud, willful deceit, death or personal injury where this is caused by the negligence of the College.


83.                        Third party rights: Only you and the College are parties to this contract. No third party is a party to this contract and shall not have any rights to enforce any term of it.


84.                        Jurisdiction: This contract was made at the College and it, together with each matter relating to the provision of educational services by the College, is governed exclusively by the law of England and Wales and the parties submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of England and Wales.



Version number


Publication date

November 2023

Approved by

Academic Council

Approval date

20 November 2023

Next review date

July 2024


Head of Admissions (with Director of Academic Governance)

Policy owner

Academic Quality




1.  Purpose

2.  Policy Statement

3.  Tuition Fee Refunds

4.  Pearson Registration Fee

5.  Overpayments

6.  Compensation

7.  Student Bursaries

8.  Complaints


1.            Purpose


1.1.  The purpose of this Tuition Fee Refund and Compensation Policy is to provide guidance on when Kingsgate International College (‘the College’) may make refunds of tuition fees and consider paying compensation to students.3


2.             Policy Statement


2.1.  Responsibility: Students are responsible for the payment of all tuition fees irrespective of the whether they are funded by the Student Loans Company, self-funded or sponsored by a third party. However, fee liability is dependent on the timing and/or circumstances in which a student leaves the College. There may be circumstances in which a student cancels their place or withdraws from their course. It is also possible that the College will terminate a student’s place. A refund of tuition fees and/or compensation may be appropriate in these circumstances.

2.2.  Continuation of Study: The College acknowledges that it may not be possible to preserve continuity of study for one or more students such that a refund of fees and/or compensation might be appropriate. Similarly, a student may not be permitted to continue their studies into the next year if tuition fees remain outstanding. This policy should be read in conjunction with the College’s Student Protection Plan.

3.             Tuition Fee Refunds


3.1.  Eligibility: The College will only consider claims for refunds of tuition fees where:



1 Kingsgate International College is the trading name of Kingsgate International College Limited.

2 Students enrolled on programmes with our University partners must use the relevant tuition fee refund policy. Compensation by Kingsgate International College or our University partners will depend on the nature of the significant change affecting students.

3 For the avoidance of doubt Kingsgate International College’s Tuition Fee Refund and Compensation Policy applies for tuition fee refund to students on ATHE,NCFE,CATCH ,HND programmes.

Compensation may apply to all of the

College’s higher education provision depending on specific circumstances concerned with the premises

normally used for the teaching of students.


3.1.1.  a student who has already paid cancels their place within the 14 day cancellation period;

3.1.2.  a student withdraws from their course of study;

3.1.3.  the College terminates a student’s course of study;

3.1.4.  the College is no longer able to deliver a student’s course of study;

3.1.5.  a student has made an overpayment.


3.2.  Cancellation: If you cancel your place within the 14 day cooling-off period, you will not be liable to the College for tuition fees.

3.3.  Withdrawal / Termination: If you withdraw from your course or are required to withdraw by the College (termination) after the 14 day cooling off period, you may be entitled to a tuition fee refund. The College will confirm the official date of withdrawal/termination. Calculation of your refund entitlement will depend on your withdrawal/terminate date and how you are funded:


Date of Withdrawal

% tuition fee due from SLC

% tuition fee due if self-funded or sponsored

After start date of term 1



After start date of term 2



After start date of term 3




3.4.  Payment: Refunds are not paid in cash and will only be made to the original source. Where the tuition fee is paid by Student Loan Company (SLC), the College will make a refund to the SLC. Where the tuition fee is paid directly by the student a refund will be made to the student account from which the money was paid to the College. Where the tuition fee is paid by an external sponsor, a refund will be made to that sponsor.


4.            Pearson,Athe,NCFE,CATCH Registration Fee


4.1.  Registration fees are payable by the candidate and may vary depending upon the actual exam board charges. The Registration fee is a requirement of study at Kingsgate International College in order to ensure that each student is properly registered with the Award body; this allows the College to provide tuition and course materials as directed by Award body. Please note that you will be charged the registration fee if no funding is in place at the start of term, but you will be able to claim this back from the College once funding is secured if applying via the Student Loan Company and only when the first payment is received. The fee will be requested of students and is payable upon demand via debit/credit card.


5.            Overpayments


5.1.  Any overpayment of tuition fees will be refunded to the original source.


6.             Compensation


6.1.  Eligibility: The College aims to ensure that the student learning experience, as

described in the College’s Mission statement and detailed in the Pearson BTEC HND Specification(s),ATHE,NCFE,CATCH, is delivered and maintained at all times. The College will endeavor to mitigate the effects of any minor changes to course content or delivery. In the event that continuation of study is disrupted, the College will consider paying affected students compensation to address consequential additional expenditure. Payment of compensation is subject to the provision of appropriate evidence that the additional expenditure has been incurred.

6.2.  Accommodation: In the event that part or all of the campus is rendered unusable for activities involving students, the College would usually consider remedies such as:


·         relocating provision to an alternative location, this may include utilising other property used by Kingsgate College or hiring spaces for programme delivery

(where possible nearby, but definitely in London)

·         rescheduling the timetabled hours to allow all of the scheduled teaching to take part in the available facilities. This may include student contact sessions being held outside of usual planned hours. Where such an approach is taken, appropriate consultation will normally be conducted with students and stakeholders who may be affected;

·         delivering part or all of programmes through alternative means, such as distance learning. Where such an approach is taken, the College will consider whether this is appropriate for students who would be affected.

·         In the event that any student may not be able to move their studies to an alternative location, or engage with alternative modes of study for credible and demonstrable reasons, the College would consider, where appropriate; possible refunds if students had to change providers or; compensating students if, because of disruption to their studies, they suffer demonstrable, financial loss.

6.3.  Relocation: If the College moves location to different premises, students will be consulted and account will be taken of any inconvenience likely to be caused. The College will, if appropriate, consider compensating students affected for consequential costs such as additional expenditure on transport.


6.4.  Continuation of Study: If the College is unable to preserve continuation of study, it would consider compensating students affected consequential costs such as additional maintenance costs and lost time. Compensation for loss of time may include the value of any increase in fees incurred as the result of delay. Any compensation would be based on the student producing objective evidence to demonstrate loss.


6.5.  Transfer: Where a student has to transfer to another higher education provider to complete their programme of study the College will support students to transfer to appropriate programmes at other providers and, if appropriate, financially compensate students where they suffer demonstrable, material financial loss because of disruption to their studies.


6.6.  Process: Claims for compensation made by a student or group of students must be made in writing and will be considered by a Compensation Panel consisting of the Principal, Academic Dean and an independent member of the College Board of Governors. The panel will adopt an evidence-based approach and deal with any claims made sympathetically. The Panel will also consider awarding compensation if a particular cohort of students or all students are affected by a significant disruption.


7.            Student Bursaries


7.1.  The College would honour any bursary paid to a student should the student need to transfer to another institution to complete their programme of study as a consequence of the College being unable to preserve continuation of study due to course or institution closure.


8.             Complaints


8.1.  Any student with a complaint relating to this Tuition Fee Refund and Compensation Policy should use the College Complaints Policy and Procedure (                    





Head of Academic Standards & Quality Enhancement


Version 2.0


September 2019


SMT September 2019

Academic Board February 2020

Review Date

September 2019



Kingsgate International College International Student Fees and Refund Policy


This document describes Kingsgate International College  (‘the College’)
policy for the payment of tuition fees by international students and the
refunding of tuition fees to international students under certain
circumstances, as described below.

Who this policy applies to

This policy applies to international students who are sponsored under the
College’s Student sponsor licence. Responsibilities for fees

International students are personally liable for the payment of tuition fees to
the College, including where fees are paid by a third party. Should a third
party paying fees on an international student’s behalf fail to pay the fees on
time, the tuition fee debt will be transferred to the student .
In these circumstances the College will notify the student immediately.

Requirements for 3rd Party payments:

Any student who has made payments via 3rd party channels will be required to submit
further information. All 3rd party payments received will be held in the
College’s suspense account unless 
the following applies:

The payee is a student who used an exchange company or money wire, provided
with the receipt to evidence the payment made

The payee is a sponsor/ family member who is sponsoring the student, making a
payment on the student’s behalf, a sponsor letter from the person who is making
the payment has 
been submitted

The Payee is not a sponsor or a family member, making the payment on behalf of
the student, a consent letter has been submitted to
for approval before the payment has been deposited

The College’s Chief Financial Officer may agree payment plans with
international students 
for the payment of tuition fees by instalments. Where an international student with a payment plan fails to pay an instalment by the due date, the College will request that the instalment is paid immediately. If payment is not received within the timescale set out by the Finance team the student will be suspended from teaching sessions and not reinstated until payment is received by the College. Suspension will lead to the student missing contact points, as described in the International Student Attendance Policy, which may lead to the College withdrawing its sponsorship.

Circumstances in which fees may be refunded

At its sole discretion the College may refund fees in the circumstances
described in the table below. The College will only refund fees that are shown
as cleared in the College’s UK bank account;

funds that are shown as pending must be cleared before the College will consider refunding them.

The College will deduct £500 from any refund as a charge for the administration of the refund.

Pre-arrival VISA LETTER interview

If a student has paid to have a pre-arrival VISA LETTER interview, the College will refund this payment if the student fails the interview.

Advance payments

If a student has made a tuition fee payment in advance of enrolling with the College and then notifies the College that they will not be enrolling, the College will refund any fees paid. The student must provide an explanation as to why they will not be enrolling.

Visa refusal 

If a student is issued with a VISA LETTER but refused a visa through no fault of their own, the College look at the evidence submitted and the refusal
before authorising a refund. This is done at the discretion of the Chief Finance Officer. Other exceptional circumstances 
The College may consider refunding tuition fees under other exceptional circumstances on a Visa Case-by-Visa Case basis at its sole discretion.

Circumstances in which fees will not be refunded

The College will not consider refunding fees where:

a. A
student is withdrawn or suspended from the College on academic grounds i.e. for
failing to satisfy the academic requirements of the programme;

b. A
student is withdrawn or suspended on non-academic grounds e.g. for failing to abide
by the International Student Attendance Policy.

c. A
student breaches the conditions of their visa;

d. A
student is refused a visa for reasons, or on grounds, that they were reasonably
able to control.

e. A
student fails to disclose important information that may result in the visa application
being refused by the Home Office

Student illegally travels to the UK after being informed not to travel

to request a refund

Requests for a refund should be made in writing and given to the recruitment
lead who will send the student a link to start the process of a refund. How
refunds are paid

Refunds will be made via BACS to the same bank account the College received the
fees from. The College is not liable for any difference between the fees paid
by the student and the refund 
received owing to foreign exchange rate fluctuations, or for any charges made by the bank receiving the refund..

9. Due to Anti-Money Laundering regulations, refunds can only be made to the credit/debit card or bank account from which the original payment was made. In case where the credit/debit card has expired or the bank account has been closed, it may be possible to process the refund to an alternative card or into an alternative bank account in the original payer’s name. In these circumstances we will require additional information such as:

Evidence of the account holder’s identity and that they are they made the initial payment

Evidence to satisfy the Chief Finance Officer the original credit/debit card can no longer be used (for example the card has expired) or that the original account has closed.

The refund will be made in GBP. Any bank charges or currency conversion costs incurred in making a refund shall be borne by the student or the third party receiving the payment.


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review date

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