Teacher Training, University 1st Year (Level 4)

Level 5 Diploma in Education and Training is suitable for those who are practising within the sector, or who have a significant amount of knowledge and understanding and who now wish to consolidate that experience with a formal qualification. The course is a 120 credit qualification, accredited by the Ofqual awarding organisation, Learning Resource Network.

The course is taught in two parts:

  1. Part A, includes 5 modules studied online by distance learning and assessed by 5 written assignments. ( 3000 – 4000 words each)
  2. Part B, requires students to obtain a suitable placement to complete their practical classroom training. A placement can be in a school, college or community group. There must be a mentor at the placement who is able to support and verify the students work.

The course prepares students to teach in a wide range of contexts and requires observation and assessment of practice, on successful completion of this course students will be able to plan and develop schemes of work, develop teaching and learning strategies and effectively teach in public/private schools, colleges and universities in many countries all over the world.

The fee for enroling onto the Level 4 and Level 5 courses together is £8,500 for online studay or £12,000 for campus study

Alternatively students can enrol onto a single level (level 4 or 5) for £5,400 online study or £9,000 campus study each.

Students can make payment using one of the following methods:

  • Credit or Debit Card
  • Bank Transfer
  • Interest Free Monthly installments
  • Paypal
  • Western Union

Level 4 Diploma in Education and Training is suitable for teachers, trainers and tutors working in schools (State/Academies) further education, adult and community learning or work-based training within public, private, voluntary or community organisations.

It prepares trainee teachers to teach in a wide range of contexts and requires observation and assessment of practice. Teaching practice is a requirement of the qualification.

It can meet the needs of a range of trainee teachers, including:

  • Planning and developing schemes of work
  • Delivering learning sessions
  • Developing teaching and learning strategies
  • Assessment practices

Mandatory units

  1. Understanding Roles, Responsibilities and Relationships in Education and Training (H/505/0053)
  2. Delivering Education and Training (M/505/0122)
  3. Using Resources for Education and Training (L/505/0127)
  4. Assessing Learners in Education and Training (F/505/0125)
  5. Planning to Meet the Needs of Learners in Education and Training (A/505/1189)

Optional units

  1. Assess Occupational Competence in the Work Environment (H/601/5314)
  2. Assess Vocational Skills, Knowledge and Understanding (F/601/5319)
  3. Develop and Prepare Resources for Learning and Development (A/502/9547)
  4. Develop Learning and Development Programmes (M/502/9545)
  5. Engage Learners in the Learning and Development Process (F/502/9551)
  6. Engage With Employers to Develop and Support Learning Provision (Y/502/9555)
  7. Engage With Employers to Facilitate Workforce Development (D/502/9556)
  8. Identify Individual Learning and Development Needs (K/502/9544)
  9. Identify the Learning Needs of Organisations (H/502/9543)
  10. Internally Assure the Quality of Assessment (A/601/5321)
  11. Manage Learning and Development in Groups (A/502/9550)
  12. Understanding the Principles and Practices of Externally Assuring the Quality of Assessment (F/601/5322)
  13. Understanding the Principles and Practices of Internally Assuring the Quality of Assessment (T/601/5320)
  14. Analysing English Language for Literacy and Language Teaching (J/503/4850)
  15. Reading Skills for Literacy and Language Teaching (R/503/4852)
  16. Speaking and Listening Skills for Literacy and Language Teaching (D/503/4854)
  17. Writing Skills for Literacy and Language Teaching (K/503/4856)
  18. Using Mathematics: Personal and Public Life (A/503/4859)
  19. Using Mathematics: Professional and Vocational Contexts (F/503/4863)
  20. Using Mathematics: Academic Subjects (T/503/4861)
  21. Action Learning to Support Development of Subject Specific Pedagogy (M/503/5376)
  22. Action Research (T/503/5380)
  23. Assessment and Support for the Recognition of Prior Learning Through the Accreditation of Learning Outcomes (F/505/0187)
  24. Delivering Employability Skills (M/505/1089)
  25. Developing, Using and Organising Resources in a Specialist Area (H/505/1090)
  26. Effective Partnership Working in the Learning and Teaching Context (Y/503/5310)
  27. Equality and Diversity (Y/503/5789)
  28. Evaluating Learning Programmes (K/505/1091)
  29. Inclusive Practice (L/503/5384)
  30. Preparing for the Coaching Role (J/505/0188)
  31. Preparing for the Mentoring Role (L/505/0189)
  32. Preparing for the Personal Tutoring Role (T/505/1093)
  33. Principles and Practice of Lipreading Teaching (L/504/0231)
  34. Specialist Delivery Techniques and Activities (R/504/0229)
  35. Teaching in a Specialist Area (J/505/1096)
  36. Understanding and Managing Behaviours in a Learning Environment (Y/505/1099)
  37. Working With the 14-19 Age Range in Education and Training (D/505/1105)
  38. Managing Behaviours in a Learning Environment (M/505/3912)
  • All Course Materials, including online modules and written assignments.
  • Personal tutor support with 1-2-1 Skype sessions
    Dedicated student support.
  • Access to an online Social Learning forum.
  • Assignment marking and feedback.
  • FREE NUS Extra card worth £12.00.
  • Free CV Writing help on completion of the course.

This level 5 qualification will enable students to teach in the post 16 tertiary education sector of colleges and community schools. The route to teaching in the state school sector using this level 5 qualification is through membership of the Society of Education & Training (SET).

To be eligible for SET membership students are required to have completed their Initial Teacher Training (ITT). ITT involves successful completion of a Level 5 Teacher Training Course, assuming candidates have already completed a Level 2 (GCSE) Maths and English or equivalent. Completion of the courses provides students with their Qualified Teacher Learning Skills (QTLS) which is equivalent to the Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) and sufficient to teach in state schools, as well as Further Education.

Students may wish to contact SET direct for further clarification of their requirements.

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