NCFE Level 3 Diploma in IT User Skills (ITQ)



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This qualification is suitable for learners who are using IT within their job or plan to pursue a career in a job requiring IT skills. Units can be taken at a variety of levels which gives flexibility to enable the qualification to match job roles. The qualification will allow learners to apply knowledge, understanding and skills to a level recognised by employers, thus proving competency in their job role. This qualification is suitable for learners using IT systems in a wide range of job roles.

Unit Breakdown:

Mandatory units

  1. Improving Productivity Using IT (L/502/4157)

Optional units

  1. Audio Software (K/502/4389)
  2. Audio Software (D/502/4390)
  3. Audio Software (H/502/4391)
  4. Bespoke Software (A/502/4395)
  5. Bespoke Software (F/502/4396)
  6. Bespoke Software (J/502/4397)
  7. Computerised Accounting Software (F/502/4401)
  8. Computerised Accounting Software (J/502/4402)
  9. Computerised Accounting Software (L/502/4403)
  10. IT Communication Fundamentals (Y/502/4291)
  11. IT Communication Fundamentals (D/502/4292)
  12. Using Collaborative Technologies (A/502/4378)
  13. Using Collaborative Technologies (F/502/4379)
  14. Using Collaborative Technologies (T/502/4380)
  15. Database Software (H/502/4553)
  16. Database Software (M/502/4555)
  17. Database Software (T/502/4556)
  18. Data Management Software (F/502/4558)
  19. Data Management Software (J/502/4559)
  20. Data Management Software (A/502/4560)
  21. Desktop Publishing Software (Y/502/4565)
  22. Desktop Publishing Software (D/502/4566)
  23. Desktop Publishing Software (H/502/4567)
  24. Drawing and Planning Software (J/502/4609)
  25. Drawing and Planning Software (A/502/4610)
  26. Drawing and Planning Software (F/502/4611)
  27. Design Software (M/502/4572)
  28. Design Software (T/502/4573)
  29. Design Software (A/502/4574)
  30. Using Email (J/502/4299)
  31. Using Email (M/502/4300)
  32. Using Email (T/502/4301)
  33. Imaging Software (J/502/4612)
  34. Imaging Software (L/502/4613)
  35. Imaging Software (R/502/4614)
  36. Using the Internet (T/502/4296)
  37. Using the Internet (A/502/4297)
  38. Using the Internet (F/502/4298)
  39. IT Security for Users (R/502/4256)
  40. IT Security for Users (Y/502/4257)
  41. IT Security for Users (D/502/4258)
  42. Using Mobile IT Devices (H/502/4374)
  43. Using Mobile IT Devices (K/502/4375)
  44. Multimedia Software (Y/502/4615)
  45. Multimedia Software (D/502/4616)
  46. Multimedia Software (H/502/4617)
  47. Optimise IT System Performance (D/502/4244)
  48. Optimise IT System Performance (H/502/4245)
  49. Optimise IT System Performance (K/502/4246)
  50. Personal Information Management Software (Y/502/4369)
  51. Personal Information Management Software (L/502/4370)
  52. Project Management Software (K/502/4618)
  53. Project Management Software (M/502/4619)
  54. Project Management Software (H/502/4620)
  55. Presentation Software (K/502/4621)
  56. Presentation Software (M/502/4622)
  57. Presentation Software (T/502/4623)
  58. IT Software Fundamentals (L/502/4384)
  59. IT Software Fundamentals (R/502/4385)
  60. Set Up an IT System (Y/502/4209)
  61. Set Up an IT System (L/502/4210)
  62. Set Up an IT System (R/502/4211)
  63. Specialist Software (L/502/4398)
  64. Specialist Software (R/502/4399)
  65. Specialist Software (A/502/4400)
  66. Spreadsheet Software (A/502/4624)
  67. Spreadsheet Software (F/502/4625)
  68. Spreadsheet Software (J/502/4626)
  69. IT User Fundamentals (J/502/4206)
  70. IT User Fundamentals (L/502/4207)
  71. Word Processing Software (L/502/4627)
  72. Word Processing Software (R/502/4628)
  73. Word Processing Software (Y/502/4629)
  74. Website Software (L/502/4630)
  75. Website Software (R/502/4631)
  76. Website Software (Y/502/4632)

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